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Happy Visits

At Kelowna Dental Clinic, we believe good habits start young. Which is why we offer complimentary "happy visits" to ensure every child feels relaxed, comfortable and safe in our clinic. we know that the first appointment is so important in setting the tone for how children will view their visits to the dentist, so we go the extra mile to make them feel at ease in a no pressure, fun environment so that they looking forward visiting us again.

What can you expect on your child's first visit?

We make sure your child's first visit is  fun, easy and stress-free for both of you. We show you around the clinic, let you take a ride in the dentist chair and show you how all of the different tools work to make your teeth healthy and strong! We use kid friendly lingo, like counting teeth, super sonic toothbrush and tooth vitamins to make their visit more approachable! When they are in the chair they are in charge of what they would like to do at this first appointment.

Child at the Dentist
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