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A filling is the most common type of procedure done in the clinic, which is used to treat a cavity. A cavity is caused by bacteria that has penetrated the tooth and caused a hole to form. If left untreated these bacteria will continue to spread and further damage the tooth. A filling helps to restore teeth damaged by decay back to their original state and function.


A tooth has 5 surfaces, the top, front, back and two sides and the affected surfaces of the tooth determine the size and fees for the filling.

The dentist will begin with local anesthetic and then use a drill to clean out the decay. The tooth will then be etched and bonded, materials that prepare the tooth for the filling to be placed. Our office offers white composite fillings, which are matched to the natural shade and shape of your tooth. These fillings restore the strength and integrity of the tooth and prevent recurrence of the bacteria returning to the area that caused the cavity.

At the Dentist
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